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BASE Jumping: Articles: Stories: Line Over Landing

Line Over Landing

by Jamie

This is an original article belonging to the author. It has not been edited by Basejumper in any way.

By Jamie

  • September 25ish 2005
  • Malaysia, 340ft/104m tower
  • Mojo 260
  • 46 inch pilotchute
Using a tailgate and the line release mod

I was doing my 4th jump of the day, having done 10 the previous day. I exited with a gainer kicking a little as I got over, pitched, and then had an onheading opening. The parachute immediately started rotating on its axis and I pulled down on the right toggle to continue the turn and avoid the tower. This sent me into a spiral. I looked up and saw what appeared to be a lineover and gave 2 quick hard tugs to try to clear it. This didn’t work so I threw the toggle away. At that point I grabbed my risers. The parachute continued about another 270 degrees until I impacted the ground. I managed to get my feet under me and flare before impacting the cement.

Luckily I only suffered a fractured L2.

I am an obsessively neat packer and sure I set my tailgate. Maybe the kicking shook something up? I’m curious if, while trying to clear the lineover, I actually tightened it and that’s why it didn’t clear when I threw the toggle.

I’d like to send a special shout out to my Hanwag shoes; worth every penny!

And everyone who helped me out when I needed it, ya’ll know who you are!

Submitted by Jamie on 2007-06-19 | Last Modified on 2007-06-28

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