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A collection of great BASE stories from the past and present. If you have a story to contribute, whether it be a piece of history or just something from your BASE experiences, feel free to submit it.

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Advancement of Technology - 2007-06-18 by Nick Di Giovanni

BASE gear technology can advance quickly, and it did, especially in the early years, because there’s no bureaucratic red tape standing in the way of new products and ideas.
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August 8th, 1978 - 2009-09-14 by By Nick Di Giovanni new

No one can say who made the first successful fixed object jump using a parachute because it’s lost in a blur of history and misunderstanding.
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Base and Life . . . - 2007-06-18 by Nick Di Giovanni updated

When myself and some other jumpers are chased after a building jump here in San Diego I got a phone call from the Police Department the next morning...
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Base Jump Number Five - 2007-06-18 by Michael Schwery

What we saw from below was a very fast opening from Gabo, DX falling into Gabos canopy, complete entanglement of the two ...
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Be Franklin - 2007-06-18 by Nick Di Giovanni

Benjamin Franklin, Great Person, Great BASE Jumper . . .
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Bingo Twistle - 2007-06-18 by Anonymous

You are at the airport of a city you’ve never been to before. Your plane landed twenty minutes ago for what is supposed to be a five day business trip...
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Collection of Base Incidents - 2007-06-18 by admin

The following comes from an original forum thread on Blinc Magazine and is a collection of incidents or mistakes posted by several different BASE jumpers. It started with a post by Nick Di Giovanni…
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Considerations After the Cliff Strike - 2007-06-18 by Anonymous

The following is a post I originally wrote as part of a discussion about this incident.
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Dexter Base - 2007-06-18 by Chad Peabody

Right now sitting on the edge of this 420 foot cliff in Washington State, a moderate breeze is a bad thing...
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Down and Out - 2007-06-18 by John Long updated

The story is from the book Gorrilla Monsoon by John Long it tells the true story of Carl Boenish’ fatal jump in Norway.
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Drunk Scouting - 2007-06-18 by Walt Appel

When I met Mr. 460, he was a fledgling BASE jumper and one of the true legends of the sport, “Dead” Steve Morrell, had taken him under his wing to teach him about the sport... in any way.
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Dwain's Memorial - 2007-06-18 by Nick Di Giovanni

I’m on my way to Dwain Weston’s Malibu Memorial and I can’t help think about what’s happened since the early days of BASE jumping, a time when all our futures seemed so vast, so bright, and so unlimited...
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Following The Australian Pioneers - 2015-01-21 by Andrey Lebedev updated

Following The Australian Pioneers For me the story began something like 4 years ago when I got my hands on an article in 96’ issue of “Vertical World' magazine about the jump from the Trango Towers, one of the highest verticals on a planet. Two Australians: Glenn Singleman and Nic Feteris came up with the idea of jumping there and made the expedition come true. The photos of the guys frozen in the moment of the leap from the wall, backgrounded by the rocks and the snow on the cover made even greater impression. The picture strongly carved in my memory. I was just going to start base-jumping at that time. After some time I saw the movie about the jump and it made my urge to jump there unavoidable.
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Getting Hurt.. - 2008-05-11 by Kevin McGuire new

At first, all I felt was weightlessness. The sensation was peaceful and serene. But then came the acceleration and I watched as the super structure of the bridge moved quickly past my feet.
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Getting Our B - 2007-06-18 by Michael McHale updated

Having bagged our E, we we now rolling with the wave of enthusiasm (a bad thing) so we decided to go check out a B that had been jumped before but had been locked up but was now back under renovation (rigs in hand)...
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Good Cowboys Wear Black. - 2013-05-21 by Dave Moores new

This was the first of four visits. I’d get up at 4am, drive for an hour, stash the car and furtle about looking dodgy, slowly collecting information on security guards, lighting, cameras, deliveries and various routes in and out of the area.
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Happy Anniversary - 2007-06-19 by Nick Di Giovanni

I didn’t have a phone in my room, as it wasn’t too plush a hospital. It’s late and I lay tossing in my bed the day’s course of chemotherapy having thoroughly kicked my ass...
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Innocent Bystander - 2007-06-19 by Ron Luke

The main characters in this little story are myself, my two good friends Hippo and (as he later became known) Johan...
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Life Death Base - 2007-06-19 by Nick Di Giovanni updated

I feel less afraid of dying now at fifty years old than I did at twenty...
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Line Over Landing - 2007-06-19 by Jamie

I was doing my 4th jump of the day, having done 10 the previous day. I exited with a gainer kicking a little as I got over, pitched, and then had an onheading opening.
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MacBusted - 2008-05-11 by Michael McHale (Mac/BASE 813) updated

MacBusted No obstacles except one 50ft antenna to the left and approx 60ft from the exit point...
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Mexican Base - 2007-06-19 by Nick Di Giovanni

In 1986, when my day job is working on airplanes, my boss and I flew to Baja to repair the propeller on a customer’s aircraft.
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Mike Pelkey: El Capitan BASE jump, 1966 - 2007-06-18 by Mike Pelkey updated

Mike Pelkey: El Capitan BASE jump, 1966 The year was 1966. BASE jumping didn’t have a name yet and there were no First Jump Course instructors around, so we had to play it by ear.
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My First Base Jump - 2007-06-19 by Jim Twardowski

I find myself on a rooftop looking out over what can only be described as Armageddon…
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On Base and Mainstream - 2007-06-19 by Nick Di Giovanni

In the very early eighties BASE jumping is mostly called fixed object jumping. The word BASE didn’t really catch on until about 1982 - ‘83.
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