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Swiss Valley

by admin

Always read the information on the website of the Swiss BASE association first! Also this website has detailed info about jumping in the area, including webcam and updated weather conditions. BASE here is tolerated. If everyone knows how to do it right, behave and act in a self-responsible manner, it will stay that way.

The meaning of “self-responsibility” (without the need of regulation by police/goverment) makes part of the Swiss and European mentality.

It is tolerated because of the good will of the people there: local people, Air Glacier, and the farmers

For their help and support, you might bring the farmers some good bottles of whiskey you brought from home, special schnaps and wine, sure they appreciate it if you do as well. Air Glacier; they like chocolate, flowers, etc…

This little things does make happy people and help increase the amount of tolerance we are happy to get from this people.

Even it seems unnecessary to mention, I repeat it again:

Easy freefall

Even this might be true for some exits, this is not the case everywhere! Neither underestimate the spots nor overestimate your skills. The whole valley is not the right place for first timers.


this Spot is closed until further notice. Please respect that. Violation will be fined with a minimum of 100.- SFR.

Use your brain, the people in the village are still traumatised (I spoke to one last week) from the guys who jumped during a funeral!

Trash and Garbage

Don’t leave anything there! It is not nice to see this bottles, red-bull cans, etc. anymore. And the guy who left tons of duct-tape at serveral exits last week should learn to fly with a bowling ball whenever I see him littering exits.

Replaceing old ropes is possible however.


Don’t touch the exits. They are opened that way and jumped that way too. Don’t cut trees, this is bad attitude!

The guys who completely rebuilt the upper Nose Exit jst because they couldn’t do a correct 2-way otherwise already know they did wrong. I hope not to see this anymore.


Never land in high grass. Cutting the grass on a fields where several jumpers walked on in a pain in the ass for a farmer. The pushed down grass gets stock in the cutting machine and every time this happens, the farmer has to get out of their tractors, remove the stock grass by hand before they can continue to cut the grass.

Go check the landings before you walk up. If you don’t see any options, don’t jump or go to talk to the farmer.


Think about a membership at the Rega. This can save you a lot of money in case you have to be rescued by helicopter.

In Summary

  • Call Air Glacier
  • Be safe and spread the love
  • Most Important: Be nice to the locals

Be nice with them, even if you think it sounds strange but paying loads of beer and coffee in the morning after, sharing girlfriends, packing others parachutes is considered good behaviour and is normal there.

Submitted by admin on 2007-06-20 | Last Modified on 2007-06-29

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