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by BASEwiki

Some people have sewn a regular tailgate to the trailing edge of their slider and refer to this as a slidergate. This is not a slidergate. Vertigo and Consolidated Rigging introduced the slidergate as as little loop on the trailing edge of the slider. The idea is to larkhead a rubber band through it and then take a bight out of the steering lines and wrap the rubber band around it. Note that it’s just the steering lines, excluding the center C- and D-lines that you would put in a tailgate.

The main purpose of the slidergate is to help avoid line-overs, just as a tailgate or masking tape do. However, many jumpers agree that with proper packing, the slidrealone is sufficient to avoid line-overs on slider up jumps.

As of 2005, Vertigo continues to recommend using the slidergate on slider-up jumps, in both their packing videos and by putting this loop on the sliders they sell.

Consolidated Rigging on the other hand, has discontinued the slidergate and no longer recommends it. Their theory is that the slidergate distorts the trim of the canopy during the opening sequence by pulling down more than necessary on the steering lines.

The SliderTailgate (STG) on the other hand does not distort the trim of the canopy. This set up has been working well for some jumpers. To install a STG just sew a normal tailgate in the center of the trailing edge of the slider; you can bartack it or use a supertack with a surgeon knot followed by an over-head knot. Then just trap the normal tailgate line using the “normal” tailgate rubber band.

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