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Submitted by admin on 2007-06-14 | Last Modified on 2007-07-02

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my insurance covers me for skydiving but not base jumping. When I had a bad ground launching accident I put it under the para-gliding category and I was covered - sneeky sneeky
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International travel and accident insurance is offered by IHI Bupa and it covers BASE jumping and other adventure / high risk activities:
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For all check out Aflac I know it sounds funny but for roughly 40$ per month I have short and long term disability, I am sure this is a discounted rate due to I get the insurance through work, but short term pays I believe 75% of my salary for I believe to be 16 weeks and if your accident was bad enough and you are eligible for long term it pays 65% of your salary. The plan we that was taken by my company was in fact a extreme sports insurance type it covered climbing, skydiving, base jumping, and pretty much anything you can think of....
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There is European and optional worldwide insurance available, very reasonably, mainly to cover emergency evacuation from site, that includes BASE, available via the Club Alpin Francais/Association de Paralpinism (FFCAM). Not sure how/if non European residents can apply but it is certainly worth enquiring. Go figure.

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