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BASE Jumping : Articles : Logistics


Articles about some necessary logistics and precautions to take care of before making a BASE Jump.

First Aid - 2007-06-26 by admin updated

Unfortunately even the most cautious jumpers eventually get hurt. Most BASE jumpers will tell you; you can do everything right, and still die.
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Injuries & Treatment in the Field - 2007-05-23 by Dexterbase updated

Injuries & Treatment in the Field You watch as a jumper in your group has an offheading oppening. He takes evasive measures but the strikes the wall repeatedly. After finally getting the canopy turned away from the cliff, he lands hard on the talus and tumbles to a stop thirty feet below and doesn't move… Now the real adrenaline kicks in. What do you do?
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Insurance - 2007-06-14 by admin

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