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Advice for Starting Wingsuit BASE jumping - 2007-05-23 by James Boole and others

We have all seen the amazing videos of people like Robert, Yuri and Loic flying their wingsuits. It is natural to want to follow in their slipstreams but let us make sure we do so safely and with adequate preparation. This document is intended as an initial information source for BASE jumpers interested in starting wingsuit BASE. This document is not an instruction manual. It does not contain rules, only advice.
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Aerials - 2007-06-13 by admin

Aerials is the term for freefall-maneuvers, done during a BASE jump...
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Delay Chart - 2007-06-13 by BASEwiki

Delay Chart Example of Delay Chart
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Jokke Sommer: Wingsuit Proximity Guidelines - 2010-06-21 by Jokke Sommer new

I received a few questions and since high season for wingsuit flying is coming up, I figured it would be good to write down basic guidelines that might make your flights a bit better and safer. More and more jumpers are getting into proximity flying these days and instead of being like most others, telling you what you shouldn’t do and all that, I rather tell you what I do and what works for me
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Pilot Chute Assist - 2007-06-13 by BASEwiki

A good PCA can give an opening just as clean as the one from a static line, if not cleaner...
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Static Line - 2007-06-13 by admin

Static Line Experienced jumpers have made static line jumps from sufficiently low altitudes that survival without a parachute...
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Tracking - 2007-06-26 by admin

Forget about arching. Slick your butt in the air without tilting your trunk forward...
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Unpacked Jumps - 2007-06-13 by admin

Most unpacked jumps are for fun, great if you don’t feel like packing at the end of a long day.
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