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BASE Jumping: Articles: Getting Into BASE: First Jump Course

First Jump Course updated

by BASEwiki

Taking a first jump course (FJC) is a highly recommended step of the bigger plan to get into BASE. Even when you have a friendly local antenna and an experienced mentor that can teach you, you should still strongly consider taking an FJC, for several reasons:

  1. Your FJC will be taught by somebody other than your mentor. Learning from multiple people will expose you to more and better information.
  2. Your FJC will be at a forgiving bridge, probably the Potato Bridge which is a great site to get to know. You’ll keep coming back to practice new things in a friendly environment.
  3. During your FJC you will meet new people and establish a first step towards a network and a reputation. This reputation combined with the contact-the-locals rule will allow you to visit other BASE scenes and jump there.

Before you take the FJC, read about the things you should do after your FJC and consider if these are the kind of things you can do. Make a follow-up plan that kicks in when you return home after the FJC.

Keep in mind that there are many, many BASE jumpers who strongly disagree with FJCs. Those jumpers argue that it has become way too easy entering in the sport of BASE jumping. 150 skydives and some cash will buy you a slot in one of the too many FJC. 150 skydives will not have anyone ready, even the most natural jumper, for the world of BASE jumping. In the end don’t be fooled thinking you are a BASE jumper after you have taken a FJC.

Which FJC

There is little point in recommending a certain FJC over another one. Few people have seen more than one FJC being taught, and even fewer people in the world have actually taken more than one FJC.

If there were a course out there that were not up to standards, the BASE community would quickly find out. Of course you can always ask for opinions on a certain course on the BASE BASE forums . Filter out all the positive reviews coming from people that have only taken that one course, and heed potential warnings that might be given by experienced jumpers.

Most of the FJCs that are being taught are great introductions into BASE jumping, provided you have a follow-up plan. It is best to send emails to the courses you might be interested in. Ask them lots of questions to figure out if their teaching style, schedule and general package is what you are looking for.

The following FJCs are currently being offered.

North America

Several of the other manufacturers occasionally offer courses too. It is best to email them for more information.


  • Base Euphoria offers a BASE course in southern Spain. They are associated with the Free Fall University where, as part of the course, you make several skydives on a seven cell canopy before doing your first BASE jumps.
  • 321 BASE offers a comprehensive 5-day BASE course in Empuriabrava Spain. They are endorsed by Skydive Empuriabrava where, as part of the course, you make several skydives on a BASE canopy before doing your first BASE jumps.
  • Pressurized
  • The popular Norwegian site offers a BASE course. More information can be found on this page.
As far as Basejumper knows, this course prepares you for jumping the terminal walls in Norway. It does not include slider-down experience, and your first jump will be from the terminal wall. It is generally recommended to start BASE from a bridge instead.

Rest Of World

Basejumper is currently not aware of any FJC programs in other areas of the world. If you have information on such programs, please leave a comment.

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Anyone interested in a comprehensive BASE course in April 2010 at Twin Falls and Moab?...
Please contact me
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I would love to find out what is needed to get into base jumping. I really am interested.


Richard Clark
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Hi iam interested in learning about base jumping i would love to do it and find out how much to set up with gear and do the coarses please contact me on my email if you have any information that maybe handy regards jamie
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Hi there, how are you? I'm really interested of finding out how to be a BASE jumper. I've been looking where can I possibly enroll but no luck. Kindly help me filling myself up of this BASE jumping. Contact me at thank you.

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