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BASE Jumping : Articles : Getting Into BASE

Getting Into BASE does not recommend anybody to get into BASE. It takes a certain type of person to become a BASE jumper and more likely than not, you are not that person. However, in case you’re unable to shake the desire to throw yourself towards the planet, read carefully through all the articles below to start you on your journey.

Beyond the First Jump Course - 2007-06-27 by admin updated

Once you have completed your first jump course (FJC), don’t return home thinking you are now a qualified BASE jumper.
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Family and Friends - 2007-06-04 by admin updated

Once you have decided to get into BASE jumping make your family and friends aware of your descision.
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First Jump Course - 2007-06-27 by BASEwiki updated

Even when you have a friendly local antenna and an experienced mentor that can teach you, you should still strongly consider taking an FJC.
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Getting into BASE - 2007-06-04 by Dwain Weston

When you ask someone to teach you to BASE jump you need to understand the magnitude of your request.
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Getting into BASE - 2007-05-23 by Tom Aiello updated

There are as many different ways of getting started BASE jumping as there are jumpers. But, after some soul-searching, some discussion with friends, and some internet research, I've decided that the course I wish I had followed, and the one I've tried to set people on, goes something like this.
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Groundcrew - 2007-06-14 by admin updated

Traits groundcrew members should exhibit.
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Number of Skydives - 2007-07-01 by BASEwiki updated popular

Skydiving consists of many different disciplines and all of them are fun. Unfortunately, not all of them prepare you equally well for BASE.
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Other Preparation - 2007-06-27 by BASEwiki updated

Beyond reading this website, checking other resources, and skydiving, there are other things you can do to prepare for BASE like get your insurance in order and have a will...
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Preparing for BASE - Freefall Skills - 2017-03-16 by Tom Aiello new

Prospective BASE jumpers should develop free fall skills before beginning to BASE jump.
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Preparing for BASE - Overview - 2017-03-14 by Tom Aiello new

Preparing for BASE - Overview Prospective BASE jumpers often ask us what they can do to prepare for BASE jumping. In this video, we try to lay out a general overview of the steps you should take to prepare yourself for BASE jumping.
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Skydiving - 2007-06-27 by BASEwiki updated

Skydiving If you don’t already skydive, put BASE out of your mind for a while and stick to being a skydiver.
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Understanding - 2007-06-04 by BASEwiki updated

You might be reading this because you are considering to get into BASE. Before you do anything else, make sure you understand what BASE is.
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