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Unofficial BASE Jumping Records updated

by BASEwiki

The following list of BASE records is not meant to be taken seriously. It is mostly here because asking about a particular type of BASE record on the forums happens very often. Unfortunately, many records are hard to verify, hard to define, and hard to accomplish. The information below can easily be wrong. If you have more correct information, please leave a comment. Meanwhile, consider the list below a joke for entertainment purposes only.

Shortest time to get BASE

  • Under two hours, somebody from Oregon.
This record is the shortest time it took somebody to make a jump from all four objects. BASE WIKI is interested to get more details.

Most jumps in 24 hours

  • 133 jumps, Gary Cunningham
Using an elevator and packers.

Most human-powered jumps in 24 hours

  • 57 jumps, Miles Daisher
This record was done on the Potato Bridge. All climbing was done by Miles Daisher himself, and no boat or cars were used. Packing was done by a support crew. Miles jumped for 20.5 hours and was then forced to stop because of high winds.

Biggest Multiway of a bridge

25 people simultaneously jumped from the Potato Bridge on May 30, 2010.

Biggest Multiway of a building

30 people from the Ostankino Tower in Moscow, Russia, in 2004.

Biggest Multiway inside of a building

  • 10 people inside of the Tropical Island Resort Dome close to Berlin, Germany, in 2005.
Verified with an entry in the Guiness Book Of World Records.

Biggest Multiway from a cliff

24 people exit together from Kjerag, Norway, in 1999.

Highest Exit Point

  • Trango Tower, Unknown
This record means the highest exit point, not necessarily highest freefall.

Lowest Freefall over Water

  • Unknown

Lowest Freefall over Hard Ground

The current rumor is that a guy called Jim Bruckhauser jumped from 110 feet with a very big pilot chute and someting like an 18' pulled-down apex round. Apparently it’s on record on film, but BASE WIKI is awaiting confirmation of this incredible feat.

Lowest D-BAG over Hard Ground

63 feet, by Steve Ball on video “Fixed 2!” by Vertical Visions (Jason Bell). Lowest Unpacked Jump over Hard Ground Base 587, doing a TARD from 111 feet.

Longest Delay

  • Yuri Kuznetsov, approximately 2 minutes (wingsuit, Summer 2005)
This record is for the longest delay on a BASE jump. Wingsuits may be used. The record for longest delay without a wingsuit is hard to find since the line between jeans and wingsuits has blurred since the introduction of more advanced tracking apparel.

Submitted by BASEwiki on 2007-06-14 | Last Modified by VTflyer on 2010-09-06

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"longest delay" correction: july 2003, just over 2 min.
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The 30 people who participated in the multiway record from the Ostankino tower are:

Simon Brentford
Johnny Utah (John Michael Winkelkotter)
Денис Ленчевский (Denis Lenchevski)
Petri Olavi Henrik Lehtinen
Михаил Ширманов (Mikhail Shirmanov)
Александр Фомичев (Aleksandr Fomichev)
Torsten Ritter
Slim (Roland Simpson (Ortner)) - Deceased
Дмитрий Обод (Dmitrij Obod)
Вадим Попов (Vadim Popov)
Дмитрий Киселев (Dmitrij Kiselev)
Stephan Mueller
Владимир Шилин (Vladimir Shilin) - Deceased
James Charles Boole
Elin Helen Kristiansen
Gregory Keith Wilcock
Neil Queminet - Deceased
Craig Poxon
Константин Яблоков (Konstantin Yablokov)
Daniel Whitford
"Super" Johnny Saavedra
Алексей Будницкий (Aleksej Budnitskij)
Светлана Бузинкова (Svetlana Buzinkova)
Raymond Murphy
Martin Rosen
Павел Ольшанский (Pavel Ol'shanskij)
Michelle Carlstrom
Сергей Ахапкин (Sergej Akhapkin)

I used an automatic online transliteration tool to Anglicise the Cyrillic. Please feel free to correct.
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the Lowest Free Fall. I remember seeing the photos in one of the early Base magazines when I was just starting off. He was using one of the old PI 52' pilot chutes. The canopy didn't seem much larger!!!
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Lowest unpacked jump is atleast 102ft. You can see the vid on by Portland Base Crew
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Yeah, it was 587 again doing the 102 that time.
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Shortest time, DJ Higgins was on that load, I think Ray Loslie made a jump or two. It was in the Portland area. Some of the jumps were PCA or static line.
On 6-23-01 Wes Pries and Bill Beck freefell all objects in 3 hrs. 22 min. in Az. As far as I know we were the first to establish a record, if anyone knows more I would like to hear.
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Longest delay without wing suit - 30 seconds (2 second canopy ride)
Erik Fenz
Trollwall July 1984
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my base no 58 kevin venell phill smith and myself jumped the got bridge in west v. 5 miles from royal g. bridge in 83 , freefalls, 140 ft. with some scarey riggs, over water and rocks.
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Biggest multiway from a cliff is now 49, 08 August 2010 in Eikesdalen, Norway
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biggest multiway from a cliff is eikesdalen 53 way in 2010
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whats the longest delay in a tracking suit...??? i have video of 36 secs
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6 way linked cliff jump exit point 7 Kjerak 1999 - held 4 seconds
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Biggest multiway from cliff Eikesdalen Norway 53way 2010
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Biggest Multiway of a bridge - 26 way from SkyBridge in Sochi, 13.10.2018


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