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This page contains nuggets and quotes about BASE or more general ones that apply well to our sport. Some come from BASE jumpers, some from famous philosophers, and some from random people on the street.

This list is also the source of the random nugget at the top of every page.
  • Skydiving is like taking BASE jumping, and putting it under about a hundred pillows, until you can barely hear what it’s saying. - Michael Cooper
  • Personally I don’t like to dwell on the structural strength of the individual pieces. It’s enough to freak anybody out. I just pack it up and fling my body off… - Ray Losli
  • It’s not the people in the sport, it’s the sport in the people. - Jaap Suter
  • After almost 1000 BASE jumps, let me tell you something… a good line-over, yeah, that’ll really wake you up. - Corkscrew
  • Anyone can make 200 jumps. Style and intelligence speaks about who you are. - Michael Cooper
  • Luck favors the prepared mind - Pasteur
  • You can do everything right, and still die. - Unknown
  • What kind of candy-ass says “whoah” heading into a cliff? Psh… - Jason Cooper, BASE 736
  • I was staring death in the face, and I just pointed my middle finger at him. - BASE 1018 being stupid and smoking it low
  • Ya mate, it’s all fun and games until you’re smashed up on the talus. - Nick Gough, BASE 911
  • I do have a screw loose, but this tightens it for me. - Joel Skaggs talking about BASE
  • What happened in my life that makes me think this behaviour is acceptable? - Peter Konrad, BASE 935, Founder of Gravity Research Institute
  • Skydiving? Nah, that’s too Ben & Jerry’s for me. - some British Jumper
  • I think if anybody had said, let’s go down, everybody would have gone. But we decided to jump. - Witness of #43 on The List
  • Proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance - Unknown
  • Don’t blame the rig, blame the rigger. - Unknown
  • Put on your gear and die like a man! - Steve Morrell *Skydiving’s a DORK sport! - Moe Viletto
  • Is that your diaper in your hand? GO STOWED! - BASE 583
  • You dry quicker than you heal. - Unknown
  • Even when you’re about to land on a cop, don’t forget to flare. - Unknown
  • It’s better to be in control of an out-of-control situation than out of control of an in-control one. - Dennis McGlynn
  • The only thing better than BASE jumping is BASE jumping home-made gear. - Unknown
  • Man, drinking milk that’s expired and out of date suddenly doesn’t seem so scary anymore. - Unknown jumper at the edge
  • If the people look like ants, pull. If the ants look like people, don’t bother. - Unknown
  • The only thing better than a freshly packed BASE rig is a freshly unpacked BASE rig. - Unknown
  • The Sport of BASE has progressed through leaps and bounces. - Unknown
  • It’s okay, I knew this would happen. - Written on a BASE jumper’s tombstone
  • It was the most enjoyable frightening experience I’ve ever had, in my entire life. - Rick Harrison
  • I like jumping with you, I don’t have to outrun the cops, I just have to outrun you. - Phil Smith, BASE 1, talking to Rick in the hospital after he broke his legs on a jump
  • If you don’t know the words, hummit man! - Vrank LaPoole
  • Broken bones heal, glory is forever - Steve Morrell
  • Death is the ultimate rush, that’s why mother nature saved it till last. - Steve Morrell
  • Death is mother nature’s way of telling you to slow down. - Unknown
  • No cover for wilfull exposure to exceptional risk and dangerous pursuits. - Common travel insurance clause
  • The closer you are to death the more you appreciate life. - Unknown
  • I’ll give you keys to all the buildings! - We don’t want the keys to your buildings, John, that’s not why we’re here. - Tar and feathering incident
  • Hey man… are those alligators down there? - Where? - Everywhere! Look! - (long pause) Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeit! - Conversation between Gardner and Earl at the exit point
  • In
  • In spite of all the danger, there comes a time when the animal inside says “let me be free.” And you must roll the dice and throw yourself into the unknown and see what happens because that—that is truly living. - Dwain Weston
  • It’s more akin to a circus act. - Bill Ottley, when asked if BASE was a form of skydiving.
  • As a well-spent day brings happy sleep, so life well used brings happy death. - Leonardo da Vinci
  • Well mate, sometimes you’ve just got to put a bullet in the chamber, give it a spin, and pull the fuckin’ trigga. - Dwain Weston
  • Seven days without a BASE jump makes one weak. - Mark Hewitt (BASE 46)
  • BASE Jumping isn’t worth dying for, but it is worth risking dying for - Anonymous Climber
  • Dude, put that down. You’ll have plenty of time to read in the hospital. - Ray Losli
  • It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare; rather, it is because we dare that they are not difficult. - Jan Davis, quoting Seneca
  • On a long enough timeline everyone’s survival rate drops to zero. - Chuck Palahniuk
  • Risking it all, for nothing… - Dennis McGlynn
  • You moss tosser, you soft cock, just jump mate. - Dwain Weston
  • You’re standing on your Bridle. Idiot! - Roland “Slim” Simpson
  • If you have time to panic, you have time to be doing something productive. - Josh Whipple
  • Death is an integral part of the game (although not part of the fun). Odds are that one of us will be dead within the next 3 years. - Dwain Weston, a little less than a year before his death
  • What could possibly go wrong? - BASE 813 and many others…
  • Cowards die many times before their deaths, the valiant only taste of death but once - Shakespeare
  • I wanted to live deep and suck out all the marrow of life…to drive life into a corner, and reduce it to its lowest terms, and, if it proved to be mean, why then get the whole and genuine meanness of it…or if it were sublime, to know it by experience. - Thoreau
  • Real BASE jumpers are rebels more than freedom fighters. The good ones seek neither publicity, permission, nor support. They are the last cowboys of aviation and when gone this sport will be just another pastime, like golf or bowling. - Nick Di Giovanni
  • When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro. - Hunter S. Thompson or Desiderata, take your pick.
  • I’m sure when He looks down on us BASE jumpers, he gives Mary the elbow and says proudly, “look at that, the thing I made them the most afraid of, they went and turned into a sport!” - Nick Di Giovanni
  • Two things happen when you die. First your footsteps blow away and then people stop telling your story - Kevin McGuire
  • BASE jumper dies in senseless tragedy - Dead Steve via 460
  • When your snout is in the trough, its rim becomes your horizon. - Jason Clark
  • Your goal should be to someday walk away from BASE, not have BASE walk away from you. - John Agnos
  • If you can go, you can stow. - Nick Di Giovanni
  • The whole world is jumpable. – Carl Boenish
  • The best place for BASE is the edge I’ve got my toes curled over. - Unknown
  • Aerials are so 1990's - BASE 515
  • You couldn’t make this shit up. - Unknown, in response to some BASE stories
  • I love base like a fat kid loves cake. - Bryan Adamez
  • I don’t care if you’re the best, just that you are there to log your last jump. - Avery Badenhop
  • The best BASE jumper is the one that’s having the most fun. - Unknown
  • If bowling balls would explode when not handled carefully, different people would play the game. - Jaap Suter, BASE 1018
  • As long as Nick Di Giovanni doesn’t give me a number, I will be a very happy man. - Tom Begic
  • BASE would cost a shit load if it were sold by the gram. - BASE 813
  • …if you ever have to jump from your ego to your IQ please pack slider-up. - BASE863
  • You want to deploy high enough that you can actually see what tree you’re going to land in before you hit it. - Yuri Kuznetsov
  • Every BASE jumper is some part rigger, some part test jumper and some part madman. That’s just the way the game is played. - Tom Aiello
  • Getting a sub 1000 number ain’t worth doing stupid shit - you may get a sub 100 number instead. BASE 813 on BASE numbers versus fatality numbers
  • It’s not a competition, just an exhibition. - Tom Manship
  • I have my own gun. - Tom Manship, coming into town
  • Three decades, hundreds of thousands of successful jumps, 85 deaths? One plane crash and you wipe out over 300 people in one second. - Ian Richardson
  • And for the others out there, remember, the object is much more of the enemy than the ground is! - BASE 460
  • There are two kinds of BASE jumpers; those who have had serious accidents, and those who will have serious accidents. - Jeb Corliss
  • When We Were Nuts; that’s a Cruislite in a Racer, a Strato Cloud in a Wonderhog, and a Peggy in another Racer. The canopies are all bagged without tail pockets. The only concession to BASE are 48 and 52-inch hand held pilot chutes. - Nick Di Giovanni
  • Oct. 20, XXXX. Solo Antenna, 750'. 12:50 am. Cold, Dark, Lonely. Scared. Waited up top to get courage. It wasn’t working, so I went anyways. - Rob Price
  • I think BASE jumping is very related to music in the sense that both have an amazing ability to level my head when everything around me seems to be on the verge of coming crashing down. - Chad Peabody
  • He asked: “Why did he land in the water both times?” And I replied, “Oh, because he’s a paraplegic.” He had no idea! - Unknown, talking about Russel
  • Kid… It never stops being scary. - Unknown jumper, right before taking his Wonderhog off the edge
  • I have printouts of all towers and directions to get to them. Will talk to locals some more. - Dwain Weston
  • You can carry a handgun in your checked-in luggage as long as it is unloaded and you declare it. - Dwain Weston
  • The ground is the limit! - Carl Boenish
  • We’re just sportsman, and this is our sport. - Mark Hewitt
  • This has got good idea written all over it… - Unknown
  • Never go to jail with a packed rig. - Unknown
  • A false sense of security is better than no security at all - John Owens
  • That antenna looks like a death sandwich without the bread - Steve Morrell
  • Gravity has no holidays! - Mark Hewitt
  • Drugs and gravity don’t mix too well. - BASE 460
  • While the average man sleeps, the BASE man leaps. - Amy Bailey
  • Go that way really fast and if anything gets in your way, turn! - BASE 460, quoting from the movie “Better Off Dead”
  • BASE is like life, at 100 times normal speed. - Tom Aiello
  • While the average man sleeps, the BASE man leaps. - Amy Bailey
  • It doesn’t shorten life expectancy, rather it lengthens it by turning ordinary seconds into precious eternities. - Wayne Crill
  • So many people spend their entire lives asleep while only a select few know what it is like to be truly awake. - Jack Cravatt
  • Should we run? - Unknown BASE jumper
  • Don’t push it when doing it at all is pushing it. - Robin Heid
  • There’s no such thing as being paranoid when they’re out to get you. - Earl Redfern
  • As an optimist, I’d say that parachute is at least half open. - Unknown
  • Rationalize, jump, then justify - Unknown
  • It just doesn’t seem that crazy anymore now that I think I know what I’m doing. - BASE 460
  • Remember, There´s a big planet and it is heading straight for you. - Unknown
  • Well, I’ll step off and do a 2 second delay, pitch my pilot chute and then wait 6 to 8 weeks for opening. - John Hoover
  • If you aren’t head up and stable on launch you are either very high, very good or very worried. - Unknown
  • Its like facing a firing squad and they all miss. - Unknown, trying to explain BASE
  • It’s all about risk management, and the way I saw it, prayer was included in my risk management. - BASE 460
  • There I was in freefall and then all of a sudden someone tried to shove a planet up my arse. - Bill Legg
  • This looks dangerous, you go first! - Unknown
  • Sounds dangerous, count me in. - Unknown
  • It’s suicide without the commitment. - Joe Weber
  • What kind of a man would live life without daring? Is life so sweet that we should criticize men that seek adventure? Is there a better way to die? - Charles Lindberg
  • Carelessness and Overconfidence are usually more dangerous than deliberately accepted risks. - Wilbur Wright
  • No, you gotta flick it like your life depends on it… - Seth Blake
  • That was perfect! Do it again! - Seth Blake to a BASE student after seeing him do a big belly flop into the pool
  • The world is one giant drop zone now, Bonnie! - Seth Blake, after a student’s first jump
  • Seems to me that if your talking about it, you must have done something right. - Seth Blake to a fellow jumper who complained about his pain after a poor landing
  • Happy are the ones who are willing to take the risk to see their dreams come true. - Unknown
  • Are you ready for a 180 off-heading with a line over, right now? - Mick Knutson
  • Remember guys; the higher the fatality rate, the greater the glory. - Dwain Weston
  • After the skygod burned the site, AJ went to the DZ, and kicked him square in the nuggets. - Unknown
  • We didn’t jump from that building, we jumped from a plane and made an emergency landing. - BASE 515 to the authorities LIVE FREE! - BASE 515 as he was being handcuffed
  • I look over my shoulder and count 10 floors go by then deploy my chute - BASE 515 when asked how he knows when to “pull the cord”
  • It’s a good day to die - Damion Hanson
  • Mosquitoes, here I come - Spike, before jumping into Moab’s Green River canyon in the summer
  • Just stay in the wind shadow - Randy Harrison, just before jumping in a 20 knot wind
  • I’m sorry my sport interrupted your sport. - Earl, right after landing in the middle of a soccer game.
  • Hey Bromo, you just pull whenever you get scared and then I’ll pull. - Bob Neley
  • You tried to fucking kill me! You tried to fucking kill me! You tried to fucking kill me! - Bob Neley, after a two way with Earl
  • You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You must do the thing that you think you can not do. - Eleanor Roosevelt
  • I believe that anyone can conquer fear by doing the things he fears to do, provided he keeps doing them until he gets a record of successful experiences behind him. - Eleanor Roosevelt
  • When we are not sure, we are alive. - Graham Greene
  • Free man is by necessity insecure, thinking man is by necessity uncertain - Erich Fromm
  • The only thing we have to fear is fear itself - nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into advance. - FDR
  • Success is how high you bounce when you hit bottom. - George S. Patton
  • As my own life began to slip away, I was stuck with an overwhelming sense of how wonderful it is to be alive. — Art Davidson
  • Evolution will be served, one way or another. - Unknown
  • Now that we’ve run out of booze, that means we’ll have to go climbing. - Unknown
  • If at first you do succeed, try not to look astonished. - Unknown
  • You just don’t see that everyday! - Climber seeing a jumper fly by
  • I BASE jump because I want to keep my name on this forum at least 2.44765 times per day. - Tom Aiello
  • Subterminal freefall gives me an erection. - Abbie
  • I used to BASE jump, but my girlfriend won’t let me any more - Unknown
  • No doubt in my mind at all, I’m old school. There’s only two reasons to BASE jump; for the girls, and for the glory. Everything else pales. - Rob Price
  • I BASE, therefore I am. - Avery Badenhop
  • BASE makes me wet. - BASE 763
  • I do it because the chicks dig it. - Shannon
  • Because sometimes destiny isn’t fast enough and it’s a good way to compare host country hospitals to your home country’s. - Unknown
  • Dude, if you blow your yonkles, how are you going to schlare the tarp? - Abbie, quoting McConkey
  • When we get BASE all squared away and humming along, and we will one day, I’m going to have to look for another fight, medical marijuana maybe. - Nick Di Giovanni
  • I don’t get girls, I don’t look cool, I don’t get free stuff. Why the fuck do I do this shit? - BASE 813
  • Everyone I see doing this, they have the shaking hand. - Xaver Bongard
  • I’ve been preparing to piss myself. From what I understand, it’s mandatory. - Jason Cooper, BASE 736
  • Admit nothing, deny everything, and make counter accusations. - Unknown
  • Admit nothing, deny everything, and demand proof. - Unknown
  • Let’s jump that bridge when we come to it. - Unknown
  • Everyone is this sport has at least one screw loose, probably two. - Unknown
  • You should have heard all the people up on the bridge screaming “Kick out of it!” I mean, what part of the wheelchair don’t they understand? - Collin, talking about Russel
  • Find your own muse, then smile and laugh your way through life. - W. Warped
  • The danger in BASE is not that its dangerous, it’s that death is a rather final state of being, and it’s always just around the corner. - Jaap Suter, BASE 1018
  • There is something meditative in BASE packing, as with most tasks that might help save your life. - Jarhead analogy of Gulf War veteran Anthony Swofford talking about rifle cleaning.
  • Different people have different objects. As far as I know, their object selection is extremely limited. If you know of a nice, safe (both in the BASE sense and in the gueriila warfare sense) span somewhere in eastern Africa, I’m sure those guys would love to hear about it. - Tom Aiello
  • More and more I wonder if Bridge Day is really BASE jumping—but then I get back into a metaphysical debate with myself about what exactly BASE jumping is, and that way lies madness. - Tom Aiello
  • In all honesty, I think an IQ test would be a better prerequisite for jumping than a test of physical strength. - Tom Aiello
  • BASE is sex with the most beautiful woman out there: Mother Nature. - Unknown
  • I believe that we’re just a weird statistical anomaly. Parachutes actually only “work” about one time in 5,700,000. Every time a parachute opens, it’s really just a freak accident. - Chad Peabody, joking about how well BASE gear appears to work.
  • To Agnos; to completely disregard currently respected and recognized ethics, safety measures, and basic precautions - How a jumper’s poor skills can turn his name into a verb… …and you wonder why we don’t meet any women - BASE813 to BASE811 on top of a 220ft Power Tower on a Saturday Night
  • If you don’t like it, Fuck off - BASE621
  • No there does not to seem to be any suicide here, just a bunch of BASE jumpers and they say they have not seen anything - Paramedic to his control called out to a “suicide” on a legal UK cliff asking the 7 BASE jumpers packing if they had seen anything unusual
  • I could be at home watching “The Bill” on TV now - One UK Jumper to another on top of a 500ft A deciding whether to jump
  • Fucking Hell, everything looks so much closer in the city - UK Jumper to BASE813 about to jump his first B
  • It should be fine…I think I’ll be able to see the wall before I hit it. — SBCMac on top of an object in a very thick fog.
  • “Are you meant to be doing that?” “Of course we are!” - Conversation between groundcrew and unsuspecting driver passing an A
  • Puking and shitting in the pants are normal bodily functions. - Unknown
  • Where did you find pants big enough to fit your balls? - Unknown
  • BASE is equally as boring as skydiving. - Unknown
  • Fly Pants make you pull low, and it’s like cocaine! - Paul Fortun
  • John should have said he ground launched, found some lift, and hit this stupid tower in the middle of nowhere! - Nick Digiovanni, BASE 194
  • I’m Jewish, I’m the exact opposite of Al Quada! - Groundcrew explaining to the police he’s not there for terrorist activities
  • Numbers? &*^% the numbers, just love the company my puppies… - Joy Harrison, administrator of BASE numbers
  • Commitment, Enthusiasm and Skill. In that order. - Frank on what you need to succeed
  • So strut off that motherfucker like you own it. - Ray Losli on jumping off a cliff
  • If you would get paid for every opened object, you would be rich. - 2 PAC to BASE 913
  • Guys, we came alive; let’s also leave alive. - Igor Fedoruk on exit
  • ..but his track was insane. - Igor Fedoruk after a bone-crashing landing
  • It’s the right of every experienced BASE jumper to take advantage of a BASE jumper wannabe - 913 explaing to a student why he has to bring him the beer
  • BASE is hopeless. That’s why it’ll last forever. - Conversation between two jumpers
  • I didn’t come here to spin doughnuts! - Unknown - starting out at Bridge Day 1989
  • Altitude is not your friend any more. - Yuri
  • He [Dwain Weston] didn’t even have a close second and still doesn’t. - Jeb Corliss
  • If you seek limits, you will find limits. - Mattias Nord - watching a BASE instructional video
  • I will disrespect the hell out of each and every one of my brothers on the List if doing so will keep any others from joining them. - Tom Aiello
  • The BASE gods don’t take kindly to those that put in 51% effort! - Tom Begic
  • I remember the day we were all jumping past DW hanging on the wall at the eagle’s nest. I had a 90 left and he yelled: “No room over here mate!” - GoWayLow
  • Damn the cops! Full gravity ahead! - Steve Morrell
  • SEVEN Q’S BONGO! - Abbie
  • I’d like to leave a mark in life, just not in concrete like you. - Simon Sherr
  • I’ve been to a lot of sites where you just follow some local up, stand where he says to, and hop off when he says “go.” - Tom Aiello
  • In skydiving, one chooses the jump. In BASE, the jump chooses you. - BASE 283
  • I didn’t come here to spin doughnuts! - Unknown, at Bridge Day 1989
  • I really like jumping buildings, probably because I haven’t hit one yet - BASE 704
  • See you on the other side, don’t be late - Tungflik
  • For Sale: Parachute. Only used once, never opened, small stain. - unknown
  • Do you think that birds ever want to put on human suits to see what it feels like to go for a walk? - Tony “Coombesy” Coombes
  • Keep the [fatality] list in the light and the sport in the dark, which is where it belongs. - BASE 515
  • Life’s journey is not to arrive at the grave safely in a well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, totally worn out, shouting “Woohoo, what a ride!” - unknown
  • I love that part when you let go, and balance there for moment suspended between heaven and hell. You haven’t left yet, but you can’t go back… - NickDG
  • Somebody should print out these quotes, paste them to rocks with those little GI-Joe parachutes, and throw them off a cliff. See which ones have the best landings, and post those as “best of” nuggets. - Greg Underwood
  • I think that 90% of people who think they are ready for BASE probably are not. The other 10% don’t all BASE jump. - Tonto
  • We could either climb down, or talk the 10 second express. Yeah, the express shuttle sounds way funner! - Michigan Crew
  • The edge… there is no honest way to explain it because the only people who know where it is are those that have gone over. - Hunter S. Thompson
  • If you’re not living on the edge you’re taking up too much space. - Rick Harrison
  • "Today I made my second BASE jump, and I can now say I've been a BASE jumper longer than anyone else on the planet." - Mike Pelkey, El Cap #2, making a Bridge Day speech after his jump at Bridge Day 2005, a full 39 years after his first one from Yosemite's El Capitan. He received a standing ovation.

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Base jumpers are the best fun time friends, they know how to Live, Love, and Laugh. trkjhn
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5 out of 5 stars I said this to a student of mine, before his first jump, as he geared up in the packing area of the Perrine bridge
"its not to late to see a movie about happy little elves"...

[quoting A Series of Unfortunate Events]
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5 out of 5 stars "OSHA would have been pissed"- Tdog
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this one appears twice:

While the average man sleeps, the BASE man leaps. - Amy Bailey

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Missing one ala Fandango.

"I'd rather go out BASE jumping than die in some senseless tragedy!"
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5 out of 5 stars There's only 3 things that fall out of the sky...rain, bird droppings and idiots...

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I'm not an addict, but I just can't stop. pbell
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" WAIT " Yelled buy joe weber to everyone one who made there first BASE jump with him just as they left the object. when asked why he did this he replied " Just in case they go in "
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5 out of 5 stars Bed is more dangerous than BASE..! 99% of people die in the bed- statistically proven!
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Didn't see this one, "...there's nothing better than sliding down snow, and flying through the air." ~ Shane
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This looks dangerous, you go first! - Is from (or at least in) Raiders of the Lost Ark.
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I have yet to hear a jumper with a few dozen jumps look back and say, "Wow, I was so over-prepared!"-wwarped
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l'appell du vide translates literally as “call of the void”. The urge some people get to jump from high places when they encounter them, for example when close to the edge of cliffs.
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"It was probably better than the first time i had sex, and lasted about the same amount of time".
Benney after his first and (to date) only BASE jump, from El Cap

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