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BASE Jumping gear has evolved over the years to fit the specific and changing needs of BASE jumpers. While BASE jumping gear is closely related to skydiving gear, it is also very different. There are a number of gear manufacturers who specialize in building canopies and containers for fixed object jumping. Know and understand your gear. It's the only thing besides your common sense standing between you and the grim reaper.

BASE Accessories - 2007-06-11 by BASEwiki updated

There are plenty of useful things to take with on a jump other than the obvious that don’t take up much space and might save your life... or just save you time.
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BASE Canopies - 2007-06-11 by BASEwiki updated

BASE canopies have come a long way since the first skydives were done under round parachutes, and it is beyond the scope of Basejumper to provide a full history of the development of canopy flight. So let’s take off where skydiving left us…
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Body Armor - 2007-06-07 by BASEwiki updated

Body Armor Properly fitted body armor doesn’t have to restrict your movement too much, but it is something to take into consideration...
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Bridles - 2007-06-07 by BASEwiki updated

Bridles As in skydiving, the bridle connects the pilot chute to the canopy...
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Cameras - 2007-06-08 by BASEwiki updated

Love it or hate it, video is an important part of BASE for many jumpers.
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Choosing Your First BASE Gear: Marta Empinotti’s Best Advice - 2016-12-20 by Annette O'Neil new

Choosing Your First BASE Gear: Marta Empinotti’s Best Advice Get answers to the BASE equipment buying questions you’re likely biting your fingernails over.
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Containers - 2007-06-08 by BASEwiki updated

Containers The harness of a BASE rig is, in most respects, identical to that found on a skydiving container. The container, however, differs in several important respects...
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Elastics - 2007-06-27 by BASEwiki updated

Elastics Elastics are used in BASE for many purposes...
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Gear Bags - 2007-06-08 by admin updated

Gearbags (stashbags) are often neglected components of BASE apparel...odd, considering you will spend more time carrying your rig in your gearbag than you will wearing it.
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Helmets - 2007-06-07 by BASEwiki updated

Helmets Of all protective gear you can possibly put on yourself, a good helmet should be your first choice. Most bones in your body heal over time, but few people recover from skull damage.
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Hook Knife - 2007-06-11 by BASEwiki updated

Hook Knife A hook knife is an important piece of equipment. It is used in correcting a line over on a slider-up jump where the rig is not equipped with line release toggles...
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My First BASE Rig - 2007-05-23 by Tom Aiello updated

So, the time has come to buy your first BASE rig. You've made the skydives, practiced your canopy control, and have an experienced mentor to keep you out of trouble. But what rig should you buy?
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Pilot Chutes - 2007-06-08 by BASEwiki updated

BASE pilotchutes have gone through extensive experimentation...
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Protective Clothing - 2007-06-11 by BASEwiki updated

Protective Clothing Non jumpers often wonder why BASE jumpers wear helmets, after all, if the parachute doesn’t open is a helmet really going to save you?
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Risers - 2007-06-08 by BASEwiki updated

Risers ...risers are built so that the 3-rings face inward (“integrity risers”) rather than outward, as is more common on skydiving rigs.
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Sliders - 2007-06-08 by BASEwiki updated

Sliders The slider exists to stage the opening of your canopy and making the openings softer.
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Suspension Lines - 2007-06-08 by BASEwiki updated

All BASE ram-air canopies are seven-cell low aspect ratio with four suspension line attachment point groups running span-wise, labelled ‘A’, ‘B’, ‘C’, and ‘D’ from the front to the rear.
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Tailpocket - 2007-06-08 by BASEwiki updated

Tailpocket The tailpocket is a rectangular pocket on the rear topskin of the center cell.
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Toggles - 2007-06-08 by BASEwiki updated

Toggles Toggles are steering loops fixed to the end of the steering lines of a BASE canopy.
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Travel - 2007-06-11 by BASEwiki updated

If you need to take your gear on a flight, read the USPA and TSA travel advisory, written for skydiving rigs, and applies to BASE rigs as well.
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