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Whether you're looking to get into BASE jumping and need information on how to get started, or find out more about the risks involved in BASE, or whether you're an experienced jumper looking to catch up on new techniques - our large selection of BASE jumping articles will provide you with what you need. From where to start to how to handle an emergency situation better.

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Perrine Bridge BASE Etiquette For Newbies (and Those Who Should Definitely Know Better) - 2016-12-22 by admin

For a great many BASE jumpers, the phrase “going to the Bridge” can only mean one thing: making a pilgrimage to the geographic middle of nowhere in Twin Falls, Idaho.
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Choosing Your First BASE Gear: Marta Empinotti’s Best Advice - 2016-12-20 by admin

Get answers to the BASE equipment buying questions you’re likely biting your fingernails over.
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Apex BASE Introduces the Lynx - 2016-10-14 by admin

Apex BASE, the world’s largest and most-respected manufacturer of BASE-specific equipment, recently released its Lynx BASE canopy.
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Apex BASE - Service Bulletin SSR-4-16 - 2016-05-04 by admin

Stainless steel riser rings should be inspected for bending. Bent ring risers should be returned to Apex BASE and a replacement set of risers will be provided. The tensile strength of the visually deformed ring is still greater than the Type 8 riser webbing. Dents in the area where the rings make contact with each other, are common and not a concern.
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Wingmen on Vimeo on Demand - 2015-07-17 by admin

Last week, London saw BASE jumping and wingsuit fans from near and far descend upon London’s Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA) for a sell-out of the global premiere of XTreme Video’s latest release, WINGMEN. This intense and inspiring documentary follows three of the world’s most renowned BASE jumpers and proximity wingsuit pilots, Jokke Sommer, Espen Fadness and Ludovic Woerth.
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