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    BASE is an acronym which stands for Building, Antenna, Span and Earth. These four categories relate to the types of exit points most typically used by base jumpers, the term was originally coined by the legendary Carl Boenish, often seen as the father of BASE jumping. In the late 1970s, Carl began filming jumps that were made from El Capitan - these jumps were made using ram-air parachutes and would essentially set the building blocks for what was to come for BASE jumping.

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    FLiCK 293, 4 VTEC
    Selling my FLiCK 293, 4 VTEC, DOM 2006/07, black with navy blue center cell, black lines, black big mesh slider. canopy has 104 jumps (34 by me), 42 ...
    Unknown Tag: 'Title'
    Super Raven 3 - 242sqft BASE modified
    White Super Raven III 242 has around 60 jumps on it (and 2 failed ground launches), no water jumps, and has no holes repairs, modified with ...
    Unknown Tag: 'Title'
    UK Master Rigger container. Similar to Apex DP2
    Made by Deaf Al who is a UK Master Rigger and it's based off of Apex DP2. It was built for water jumps using all red cordura 500. dry's quicker :>) ...
    Unknown Tag: 'Title'
    Snekor V2 Wingsuit Container
    <50 Jumps. Black with blue pin flap cover. Looks pretty much brand new. Stainless hardware. Integrated risers. Lightweight hook-knife. Toggles can be ...
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    pf venom for sale 184 cm 80-90 kgs
    Hi, Got Venom from PF for sale, not sure how many jumps it has but around 250-300. Had some repairs done, but in general it is in ok condition. Used ...

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