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    BASE is an acronym which stands for Building, Antenna, Span and Earth. These four categories relate to the types of exit points most typically used by base jumpers, the term was originally coined by the legendary Carl Boenish, often seen as the father of BASE jumping. In the late 1970s, Carl began filming jumps that were made from El Capitan - these jumps were made using ram-air parachutes and would essentially set the building blocks for what was to come for BASE jumping.

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    Recent Classifieds

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    Trango2 265 (20 jumps, DOM 2013)
    I'm selling a Trango2 265 with 20 jumps. It's all gray lightweight F111 with a ZP nose. The lines are spectra except for the brake lines, which are ...
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    Unknown Tag: 'Title'
    Wingsuit for 5'6"
    LF wingsuit: Aura, Jedei, Colugo 2, Apache i'm 5'6" Thank you!
    Unknown Tag: 'Title'
    XBird / X1
    this is an older Tonysuit Xbird. it fits 5'8 - 6'1 size 10-12 shoe it has 500+ skydives and a few base jumps. double barrel armwing intakes (second ...
    Unknown Tag: 'Title'
    Jedai Wingsuit
    Only 5 jumps. In excellent condition. Located in Lauterbrunnen, but can ship if necessary. Built for 5'10" 170lbs.

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